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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  April 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this wednesday april 27. i am scott thuman. >>a great to have you joining us at 6:00 a.m.. i am alison starling. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. the start with adam caskey. what is the weather like today? >> summer today tomorrow and especially on the weekend. friday through sunday it looks sunny and dry with stable weather conditions and comfortable temperatures. finally, for change. right now we are in the 60's up to 70. 69 in chevy chase, 68 in frederick. 66 in front royal. partly cloudy today with a mixture of sun and clouds. a few late-day storms, warm and breezy, highs in the mid 80's.
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cold front tomorrow morning. widespread showers and storms expected, some severe. afternoon sunshine with temperatures in the 70's. go to for the latest. hunter mill road at loiters road as an accident. on 66 there's an construction, but they're moving that. eastbound 66, there's a crash before the beltway. this was moved on to the left shoulder. that'sback inside. from the south to the ohio valley, deadly storms pound much of the country. at least 11 people have died. tornadoes, heavy rain, rising
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and floodwaters caused massive devastation and people are now bracing for even more wild weather. >> jummy olabanji is tracking the latest developments from the satellite center. good morning. >> these latest forms have led to massive destruction across the south and midwest. multiple tornadoes touched down between texas and kentucky. the storms claimed several lives, killing eight in arkansas alone. these images come from the state of texas where massive funnel clouds were caught on camera. in a lasting the days there have been over 40 reported tornadoes. a small town in arkansas was hit hard. numerous homes and buildings destroyed and several people killed there. there are severe flooding concerned across the midwest. in popular bluff -- poplar bluff missouri business owners are preparing for the worst and thousands of homes have been evacuated. there have been 5400 severe
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weather alerts reported this month. over 40 people killed nationwide. severe weather moving into the carolinas tonight, an area that's of 20 tornado-related deaths just a week ago. jummy olabanji reporting. >> for the full forecast where you live anytime day or night log on to vincent orange will return to the council. a former councilman winning 29% of the vote in a special election to fill an at-large seat. patrick, had 26% and sekou biddle had 20%. will legal problems for albert haynesworth. a grand jury indicted the redskins defensive tackle yesterday on mr. mena sex abuse charges. he's accused of fondling a
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waitress at the rooftop lounge of the w hotel. -- misdemeanor sex abuse charges. >> he has quite the history and reputation of behavior like that. it's a shame because i know such a high-profile guy can be a role model for a lot of people. >> if convicted, he faces up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to a thousand dollars. his lawyer says he's innocent and they plan to appeal. the 16-year-old arrested in monday's stabbing at the national zoo will be tried as an adult mshairi alkebular is being held without bond. stabbing occurred during the annual african american family day. police believe it stemmed from an ongoing fight between neighborhood gangs. the 14-year-old victim is it recovering and is in good condition. several families are
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homeless after a fast-moving fire in woodbrige. the flames broke out last night along the 2200 block of merseyside drive. that is where courtney robinson has the latest details as well as a daring escape. >> that's right. we are just outside is gated community in woodbrige. it is difficult for us to see the damage to these townhomes from where we are but we are told it is quite extensive. residents say they are lucky to be alive. >> fast, it was very fast. >> there was fire between the two houses and it was starting to go up the wall. >> this pregnant women raced out the front door of her burning home getting out just in time. >> panic. i was trying to get out and did not know what to do. >> it was a frantic moment for her and neighbors. they heard explosions after explosion coming from behind this rolfe town of homs. >> probably a-- row of town homes.
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>> probably a propane tank exploded. >> everyone and their pets got out ok. >> it was scary. >> smoke inhalation said one firefighter to the hospital. he has been treated and released. residents without homes are frightened but believed to be alive. >> i am here. so that's better than not, i guess. >> a very scary night for many of these residents. fire officials are still investigating the cause. they do say it started outside and then spread inside of these homes. crews as far away as manassas responded. live in woodbrige, courtney robinson abc 7. funeral services will be held in baltimore for former maryland governor william donald schaefer. he will then be buried in
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timonium. besides being governor, he served as comptroller of maryland and baltimore mayor. he died last week. he was 89 years old. it will be a busy day for president obama. he and the first lady will fly to chicago and will sit down for an interview with oprah winfrey. that is scheduled to air on may 2. the president will then go to new york city where he will speak at several fund-raising events. it is 6:07, 67 degrees. >> still to come, taking action to stop soaring gas prices. will the president's plan work or is he just playing politics? >> mourning the loss of the man who made what you see on the screen possible. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. back aft
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, and get the best lemonade on may 7 to support the bill local charities. >> good morning, washington. 6:10 on this wednesday morning. let's look at the conditions outside. we do have low clouds overhead. you will notice that this morning. it's not the most beautiful sunrise. you will notice some low clouds. sunshine is working into the mix later this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds today. 69 at dulles airport. we will likely set another record high low temperature. 67 in the district, seven in frederick, 66 in lexington park,
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70 in culpeper. today will be like the past couple days. a few isolated problem storms this afternoon some could be severe especially west of the metro. the cold front moves into morning. that will cause widespread showers and storms, some of which could be severe, through the first pack of the day tomorrow. mid 70's. 70 on friday. sunshine and high temperatures in the low to mid 70's on saturday. a weekend without rain chances. amtrak a-151 is cancelled for this morning. we have a couple of things to show you. first, there was a tree down on hunter mill road at loyers road. 395 leaving the beltway up to seminary road looks ok, normal volume, no accidents. 270 has plenty of traffic from
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urbana two hyattstown. getting to 109 is a little slow but looks good in rockville at falls road. you don't use a teleprompter? >> correct. >> the man who invented the teleprompter that has helped countless newscasters actors, and politicians look good on television has died. hubert schlafly jr. was a key member of a team that invented the teleprompter. he died on april 20 at age of 91. he apparently did not use his own device until he was 88 years old, which was when he was rehearsing for a speech for is inducted into the cable television hall of fame. he was probably grateful for his own invention when he had to give that speech. >> a lot of us are grateful. it is a revolution, on how people read the news. >> interesting to be able to see that shot. our camera operator put that up.
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wednesday morning. some parts of the country were battled by violent weather for the second night in a row. tornadoes reported in texas and arkansas where one person died. storms are blamed for flooding in oklahoma illinois, and missouri, where homes were evacuated to do to the failing levees. neighbors heard explosions before a fire that heavily damaged three woodbrige townhomes yesterday afternoon. authorities say everyone in
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those houses got out safely, but one firefighter was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. sony says that hackers may have stolen credit card data from people that use the playstation network. it was shut down after the security breach was discovered on last wednesday. the company has fired -- hired an outside security firm to investigate. surging gas prices continue to cause frustration for drivers. president obama wants congress to end subsidies for major oil companies. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.87. but drivers in our area are paying even more. brianne carter is live in northwest washington with the latest developments. good morning. >> talk about paying more, this gas station in northwest has $4.25 for gallon of regular. that is well above the national average. the issue of pain at the pump is
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becoming a political. president obama is calling on congress to repeal the oil industry tax breaks. he says it's time for consumers to stop paying oil companies trice -- twice through taxes and that the pot. house speaker john boner sounded open to the ideas but then his spokesperson rejected the idea, saying it would simply raise taxes and increase taxes at the pot. however the president is now is the time to do something. >> we are talking to oil producers around the world and letting them know it is in their interest to make sure that oil prices don't end up hurting the world economy. if we are not growing, they will not be making money either. they need to increase supplies. have been some disruptions because of libya. we think they can make it up and we are pushing them to do so. >> last week the president called on the justice department to form a commission to look at exactly why prices are so high
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and see if there was any possibility of gouging. abc news is reporting that the attorney general eric holder says the group has unearthed some disturbing information, however no further details were released. brianne carter, abc 7 news. virginia governor bob mcdonnell wants the pentagon to delay moving thousands of workers to the mark center in alexandria later this year. he says that the state is not ready for this. he is sending a letter to defense secretary robert gates spelling out his concerns and recommending some solutions. the d.c. council will hold a hearing on friday on a controversy involving d.c. mayor vincent gray and former candidate sulaiman brown. the campaign consultant to vincent gray accused of giving payments to brown says he will not answer questions. brown says brooks paid him to
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remain in last year's mayoral race and to attack former mayor adrian fenty. the fed's chief goes down in history and starbucks stock keeps rising. rob nelson as those stories and more. >> good morning. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke makes history. the first ever news conference for the fed this afternoon. after announcing his latest interest-rate decision, he will take reporters' questions 45 minutes in an effort to make the central bank more transparent. a wave of foreclosures pushed home prices down in 19 of the nation's 20 biggest metro areas in february. that's an important step because the low prices are clearing up the glut of houses for sale. chrysler is close to refinancing and it would allow it to pay its government loan that helped it survive bankruptcy. starbucks is the nation's third biggest restaurant chain behind mcdonald's and subway.
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that's according to numbers published in usa today and it is a had a burger king and wendy's. that's a look at america's money. i am rob nelson. 6:19. keeping an eye on temperatures. we will have changes on the way. >> yes, your electric bill will get a break. that's what i'm looking forward to. >> will the pollen levels dropped? >> i think we will wash all lot of that out especially tomorrow morning as the cold front hits. showers and storms widespread tomorrow morning for the first lap of the day. today will be another june-like a day, springlike conditions over the next couple days. that is starting tomorrow as the cold front hits. significant cloud cover not just over the bay, but over the metro area. this is the view of arlington. low clouds right now. some of that will break up and we will get a mixture of sun and
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clouds or the majority of the day. temperatures are in the 60's up to 70 right now. we could break a few record low temperatures. we could have some record warm morning temperatures again, like in some spots yesterday. some low clouds overhead at the moment. we do have a slight chance of severe thunderstorms later on today. a cold front of to our west and a warm front to the north. we have a chance of a few pop up thunderstorms some of which could become severe. the biggest threat is in the deep south again today. it will be an active afternoon and evening in south-central tennessee into northern alabama. highs in the mid 80's for us today, like yesterday. that's with the exception of a lot of clouds this morning. you'll notice the southerly wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour. highs in the 80's today. mid 70's tomorrow afternoon behind the morning cold front.
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we cannot not rule out severe showers and severe thunderstorms for the first act of the day tomorrow. up here 60's on friday with sunshine. finally on the weekend it looks very stable with a lot of sunshine and comfortable temperatures in the 70's. the warmest we will get on the weekend is near 80 by sunday. how's the commute? so far so good for metro rail. normal service systemwide. lingering will work is gone from 66 westbound leaving glebe road. eastbound 66 had a crash or for the beltway and there was slow traffic leaving 50 at 123 and nutley street. here is the pace of traffic pulse 395 after the beltway. that's typical out of springfield getting to seminary road. we will go to maryland on the outer loop delay which is typical from 95 pass new hampshire avenue 29. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 is the time on a
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wednesday morning. 67 degrees outside. >> "montgomery county focus" fighter's new mission. find out what inspired this new look. -- a montgomery county firefighter's new mission. >> today on "oprah," how to look and feel 20 years younger, at 4:00 on abc 7.
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a montgomery county firefighter is doing much more
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than battling fires. >> marshall is now taking on breast cancer. in 2008 his oldest sister vickie died of the disease. last year two other of his sisters died of cancer as well. >> i did not realize i was broken. i come to work every day. >> after this susan g. colman breast cancer walk used his firehouse as a pit stop, he became an advocate for early detection. he created a web site in his sister's honor. yesterday aa company that sells equipment to the fire department on dirsent him a pink firefighters outfit. >> that will be a good conversation starter. >> a great tribute to his sister. >> unbelievable. still another half-hour ahead. >> coming up, we will talk about
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the royal treatment. cynne simpson takes a closer look at the position planning required for a royal wedding. -- precision planning. >> deadly storms around the country, we will show you the destruction left behind. extracting the latest weather patterns like summer today and back to spring conditions tomorrow. 67 in
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i heard glass breaking, every door in the house slamming. i heard the roof go. i could feel the door pulling away from me. i held on for dear life. >> straight ahead, for almost half the country hit with severe weather. the death toll is rising. it's rising almost as fast as the floodwaters. glad you are with us on this
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wednesday, april 27. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with our weather. adam caskey has a look at the warm forecast. >> like june today but springlike conditions return starting tomorrow afternoon as the cold front moves in. look at conditions outside at the moment. clouds are evident in this time lapse and you don't really see the sun-. that will be the case for the first half. i expect sunshine by lunchtime. a mixture of sun and clouds today. breezy and warm, highs in the mid 80's. isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out this evening and maybe it an isolated severe storm. morning storms tomorrow, some severe and high temperatures in the mid 70's. a crash on 66 eastbound has been moved to the shoulder. not happy about the pace leaving fair oaks to get to vienna and
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getting to the beltway. near the dunn loring metro is where you find this crash. you may want to take an alternate route. no accidents on 123 heading through vienna or 50 out of camp washington to get to the beltway. more to come from newschopper 7. back to you. >> thank you. deadly tornadoes heavy downpours, and flash floods, killer storms batter and much of the country it and another round of severe weather is expected today. >> over 20 states have felt the impact of those storms. jummy olabanji as a look at the damage and how people are bracing for around two. >> the stage may be said for a potential record-breaking month for tornadoes nationwide. the average for april is usually 115 tornadoes. but this year the likely total for april could reach almost
6:32 am
300. >> that's a tornado right there. >> one of the latest twist is moved through southwest of dallas tuesday night where several massacres, clouds were caught on camera. -- several massive funnel clouds. and in arkansas 10 people were killed in a storm. >> i'm amazed we have not had more loss of life. >> several states across the country are dealing with flooding. this video is from oklahoma with floodwaters swept away roads and peace of mind. >> i wish that i could be my eyes and it would be over with. >> the ohio river is 15 feet above flood stage. sandbagging is not even an option in missouri. the levy has started to give way and 1000 homes are evacuated. >> there was a little bit inconvenience a couple weeks ago and now a major inconvenience. we hope there's not a flood 3.
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>> 46 people have been killed nationwide in severe storms. no.the carolinas are expecting terrible weather today. for the >the full forecast any time of day or night, log on to vincent orange is declaring victory over eight other candidates. the former councilman received 28% of the vote according to unofficial results. republican patrick mara came in second with 26%, followed by interim councilman sekou biddle with 20%. a grand jury indicted albert haynesworth. the redskins defensive tackle yesterday faced a misdemeanor sexual abuse charges, accused of
6:34 am
fondling her breasts of a waitress at the rooftop lounge on the w hotel. if convicted, he faces 180 days in jail and a fine of $1,000. the suspected gunman shot by police in southeast washington on tuesday has died. officers were called to the 2400 block of elvins road late yesterday. the citrus and escalated causing an officer to shoot the man. he died at the hospital. the officer involved is on routine administrative leave pending an internal investigation. a pregnant woman makes a daring escape as flames raged through several town halls. neighbors heard explosions as the fire swept through the homes on merseyside drive in woodbrige. courtney robinson joins us with details. good morning. >> good morning. many of these residents say that they feel very lucky this morning. fire officials are still investigating the cause of what happens inside the gated
6:35 am
community in woodbrige. newschopper 7 was there and caught the fire crews as they battled the blaze. the residents say around 6:30 they heard explosions after explosion. they believe it came from a propane tanks on the back decks of some of these townhomes. officials do confirm the fire started outside and then spread inside. all other residents got out ok. one pregnant woman also got out of her home this morning and is ok. the fire took some time to put out. one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital treated, and released. no one injured. a devastating evening and morning 40's residents. live in woodbrige, courtney robinson. 6:35 on this wednesday. former maryland governor william donald schaefer will be laid to rest. a funeral services will be held in baltimore this morning.
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he will then be buried in timonium. he also served as maryland comptroller and baltimore mayor. he died last week. he was 89 years old. the team that rescued the american mission in iraq may try to do the same in afghanistan. this as it did press reports that president obama will likely name ryan crocker to be the next u.s. ambassador in afghanistan. if confirmed he would be reunited with general david petraeus who currently leads u.s. and nato forces there. wednesday 67 degrees. >> still ahead, the a professional wrestler against a quiet kid, one of them is headed home from the ballroom. >> and new details from today's dress rehearsal for the wedding.
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6:39 on this wednesday morning. we have been talking about warm weather and pollen. >> those are the things everybody seems to be talking about everyone is uneasy around here. >> yesterday's the pollen count from walter reed, looks like it's going to be the same today. this is like summer, but there are changes on the way.
6:40 am
let's look outside. low clouds. very dark on the horizon right now. that's because the sun is up and there is a reflection off the low clouds. there's no rain. these clouds will disappear before long. it will be a humid and warm day. its is in the 60's and low 70's's this morning. showers and storms today and a little better chance this afternoon especially west of the metro area. in the overnight is when the chances will increase. slight chance of severe storms during the bull's eye is in the mid south. they have severe thunderstorms and tornadoes likely. for us, breezy warm, 80's with an afternoon thunderstorm or two. we will look at changes or the weather pattern later on this week, when i will join you again
6:41 am
in a few minutes. >> thank you. how do the roads look? typical on 95 out of virginia. typical to the pentagon. 66 slowing in manassas and headed to the beltway. newschopper 7 was looking at an accident near the dunn loring metro on the shoulder. now they're looking at traffic on the american legion bridge moving at speed out of tysons and bethesda. back to you. >> thank you. 67 degrees outside, 6:41. >> some members of congress are going home to less than mixed reviews. >> how do you get away when you are a real?
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the royal wedding is just two days away. hundreds of troops paraded down the route today that prince william and kate middleton will follow between buckingham palace and westminster abbey. they were rehearsing what they will do during the royal wedding on friday. the russell went off without a hitch. >> as the big day approaches, it's becoming increasingly clear how important every detail is when it comes to the royals. >> every step of the wedding has been rehearsed from westminster abbey all the way to buckingham palace. that is where our cynne simpson reports from. >> there is a specific protocol for handling of wills, so not just any hotel can accommodate them. many of the windsors are repeatedly at grosvenor house hotel in mayfair. a home away from home. shaw-howard has worked here at the hotel in london nearly 30 years. he frequently are ranges will
6:45 am
visits. >> if they leave the palace at 7:27, they will be on our doorstep at 7:34. >> he and his staff are always waiting and ready. >> we are one of the hotels in the world where the royal family feels like family. >> there's an of excitement for the shaft -- chef. >> i always get butterflies. >> he keeps an eye on their plates as an indication of what his guests prefer. >> you know by how much food is taken from the plate so you have an idea of whether they enjoyed it. >> this hotel has seen lots of celebrities. every year the british equivalent of the oscars and the emmy awards are held right here. in london a simpson 4 "good morning washington."
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>> stay with us for all your royal wedding coverage. we will report live from london all week with cynne simpson. she has sent photographs from there. go to >> president obama is calling on major oil producers to increase supplies to help fight soaring gas prices. this comes as the national average for regular is $3.87 a gallon. the president wants congress to end subsidies for all companies. the house speaker appeared to endorse the idea, but then rejected it, saying it would raise taxes and cause gas prices to rise even more. a montgomery county group unveiled steps pepco and regulators and the government should do to improve reliability. a group wants the maryland public service commission to establish stringent standards
6:47 am
and fines pepco if it does not meet them. the panel says pepco should prepare a plan to inspect maintain, and enhance its infrastructure. we are talking about the budget battle backlash. >> national political reporter james joins us live with details. >> good morning. >> good to see you. a lot of these folks are going back home and are having town hall meetings. in the article it says the turnabout is something the democrats are embracing. >> it's like what we saw with health care where the democrats went to town halls and got yelled at. republicans are getting all that now for trying to take away senior citizens' health care. that's from florida to california. republicans going back who just voted like congressman paul ryan changing medicare. there's a lot of backlash. a lot of people yelling and screaming and tense moments and
6:48 am
it speaks to the real political problem that republicans have now, which is by taking on the medicare entitlement, they are risking senior votes in the next election. >> will be see some of that backlash last until voters head to the polls? >> possibly. republicans have said over the last few weeks that voters are ready for an adult conversation. we are seeing that is not the case. it is the same old back and forth democratic and republican thing. >> katie couric is stepping down from the cbs evening news. and sarah palin made a remark. >> last night sarah palin made fun of katie couric wanting to do multidimensional news as if that was a bad thing. >> interesting. thank you james. always good to see you. time for us to check in
6:49 am
with our chief meteorologist the doug hill. >> what's the latest? >> a warm and humid start across most of the viewing area. today will be like yesterday breezy with a better chance of afternoon thunderstorms. sunrise occurred and its hazy. you might see a couple boats at the marina. -- a couple boats leaving the marina. temperatures in the upper 60's. 73 in manassas. the satellite reveals low clouds and a line of showers and storms developing west of the mountains. stretching south and into the mid south. that will be the focus of severe weather. the front will continue to move to us and bring overnight showers to our area. tomorrow morning is the best chance of more widespread showers and storms in the area. here's the way it's going to
6:50 am
look this afternoon showers and storms developing to the west. those will continue through the overnight and around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow is when the most solid line of storms will move through the area, followed by clearing skies and cooler temperatures. a nice stretch for the weekend. 68 degrees today this morning. 77 at midday 80's this afternoon. kind of breezy. clearing a little tonight with a few clouds. showers and storms through the morning. some could be heavy and severe early tomorrow morning. we will keep an eye on that. adam caskey will have the weekend forecast. i think you'll like it. >> we will see you later. out of oxon hill going north toward the sea onto 95, there's an accident between the beltway and naval research lab -- toward 295.
6:51 am
route 4 is ok. 301 southbound there was a stalled car trip northbound on 5, normal volume out of brandywine and then again into clinton. 270 southbound, a little volume at father hurley boulevard. and this is the george washington parkway north at reagan national airport, looks
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>> robin roberts and barbara walters in london take you inside behind the closed doors and secret rooms of buckingham palace. which room will hold the royal wedding reception and the after- party? that's on good morning america on abc. time to check today's top stories on this wednesday. the south and midwest are cleaning up after more wicked weather. tornadoes in texas and arkansas, where one person died. the storms are blamed for flooding in oklahoma, illinois, and was ordered where homes were evacuated due to failing levees. investigators looking for because of a far the damage 3 woodbrige town houses. neighbors heard explosions before flames broke out. everyone got out safely, but a firefighter was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. president obama wants congress to end subsidies for oil companies. house speaker john boehner
6:55 am
appeared to endorse the idea, but he rejected it, saying it would lead to higher taxes and higher gas prices. it is lights out for the professional wrestler. >> chris and cheryl. >> chris jerico did not get enough votes to save him from elimination of "dancing." he and his partner had a roller- coaster season. they had been at the top of the leader board along the way and landed at the bottom this week. >> if it is a dogfight to see who ends up at the top and at the bottom. you have to be your best every night. >> 6 couples still in the money. next week they will have to master two dances. the couples will also have an individual dance and take part in a team to stop. >> left hoped the morning commute is moving smoothly. >> i am looking at that cha-cha
6:56 am
and i don't look anything like that in my exercise class. running smoothly around the beltway, nothing to report on 95 or 66. northbound delays out of newington and on the beltway through college park and silver spring. cha-cha, adam caskey. summerlike, mid 80's today gusty, a slight chance of a few late-day storms. widespread showers and storms expected for the first deck of the day tomorrow and clearing by lunchtime, may be severe storms. friday through the weekend will be fantastic with no rain sunshine and comfortable temperatures. >> that does it for us. good morning america is next. >
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